Pune schools: Transport safety takes a backseat for principals, parents

While schools blame parents for not opting ‘safe official transportation’, parents claim it is because either schools don’t have its own fleet or charge a hefty fee for the same

FROM tracking softwares, extra hands on board to manage children, fire extinguishers to parent-monitoring committees, schools in the city say that when it comes to their own buses, they have made elaborate arrangements to ensure safety of children during their commute to school and back .

However, with a majority of schools not owning their own fleet of buses and relying on either private school vans or public transport systems like autorickshaws to ply students, they say the problem comes up when it comes to regulating the private players, especially given that the school has no financial control over the vehicle owners, who deal directly with parents.

At Sardar Dastur School, principal Sandhya Yannuvar, says that since the school doesn’t have its own transport, it has come out with a list of all school vans that have been employed to ply children and insist on the drivers signing an undertaking with the school. “Our teachers and helpers are present at the gate to help children into these vehicles and they ensure that children go by authorised vehicles only. However, since we don’t have our own buses, the onus remains on parents to find safe mode of transport for children. We assist them through the transport committee with regard to facilities they should look into but our main concern is for children travelling by smaller vehicles like autorickshaws as it becomes risky with too many kids boarding them,” she said.

Source : Indian Express


More than 17 students are picked by auto rickshaws that has been dangerously playing in city roads like one near Bajirao road. Express Photo by Arul Horizon, 08-07-2016, Pune