PMC goes green, to use plastic for roads

Technique For Longevity & Durability
Used plastic materials that are thrown on city roads as waste could now be buried in them.The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to use plastic waste as raw material for road construction.

Road contractors would add this plastic as bitumen.The first such project will be carried out at Yerawada. The administration has planned trials this month.

The plastic is expected to add to the longevity of roads by making them water resistant and would also increase the resistance of roads to weather changes.

According to PMC officials, the collected plastic will be given to the hot mix plant of the PMC. It would convert the plastic into an ingredient for road construction. The combination of bitumen and waste plastic would be 90:10.

“PMC has contacted experts who are working in this field and invited them to carry out trials. They will try out the use of mix on a patch of road in July . If it is successful, then more would be added,“ head of PMC’s solid waste management department Suresh Jagtap said.

He said the civioc body plans to set up 200 disposal facilities across the city soon, with the aim of segregating plastic and e-waste.

Pune generates nearly 1,600 tonnes of garbage every day .About 15% of this plastic. Waste disposal is an acute problem due to the non-availability of sites in the city . At present, the city’s garbage is sent to the processing plant in Phursungi and Uruli villages. A plant has also been set up at Ramtekdi. Besides, small processing units have been set up in different wards. These plants are not working to their full capacity , which has led to open dumping.

“The technique is good. It would help in improving the quality of roads. A layer of plas tic could help in dealing with issues such as potholes during monsoon. We would have to carry out a pilot project„“ head of PMC’s road department said Rajendra Raut told TOI.

Source : TOI