PMC’s alternate quest to survive a dry June

As mayor remains unsure of the IMD’s predictions, further water cuts planned for the city just in case there is no sufficient rain this month
The repercussions of a delayed monsoon in the state might just intensify troubles for residents who are already getting water ev ery alternate day. The citizens may have to face water cuts later this week if there is no satisfactory rain.After meeting the India Metrological Department’s (IMD) additional director general, Bishwajit Mukhopadhyay, mayor Prashant Jagtap has announced about continuing alternate day water supply till the end of the June. Jagtap’s decision came after consulting the IMD, after which he took a meeting with the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) water supply department and state irrigation department officials to discuss the situation in case monsoon is delayed.

Jagtap said, “While explaining the monsoon status, IMD officials stated that it will take another seven days for the monsoon to set in the state.From the discussion, it looks as if the IMD cannot really confirm the situation for the month. Thus, we have to prepare a plan for the next month. We have given orders for an alternate plan in case there is no sufficient rainfall in June.“

He added that with limited water stock in dams and considering the dwindling monsoon situation, they have to use the limited stock from dams judiciously. In a relief, the irrigation department has assured supply till July 31. “The water will be made available to the city from the dead stock of dams as a contingency measure. We don’t want people to panic right now. But, we appeal to the people to make up their minds to tackle water crisis next month if there is no rain,“ Jagtap added.

Contradicting Jagtap’s claims, V G Kulkarni, superintendent of water supply department, told Mirror, “There is no alternative except for alternate supply if there is no rain in June.“

The alternate day water supply was initiated in the city in September 2015 to deal with water shortage. The city has suffered due to the scarcity, burdening residents with additional stocking work.

Rani Kamble, a resident of Kharadi, said, “It is very hard to store water for one day and then use it. If we get it over alternate days, we will have to store water for two days which would be disastrous for working women like me. I don’t know how to react to this situation.“

Vijaya Sharma from Viman Nagar said, “In our society, we had to resort to tankers for drinking water. If the water cut decision comes to force, it will increase our monthly expenses. However, I do not think blaming the PMC is a solution since they don’t have an option. I think they, along the irrigation department should make a contingency plan as we are continuously experiencing water problems.“

Source : Mirror