Think before you dump waste in public places

The next time you are disposing off garbage in an inappropriate place, think twice. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) might soon impose fine or take stringent action against those who fail to practice proper waste disposal techniques.

In the monthly meeting of mohalla committees, National Society for Clean Cities (NSCC) and PMC, citizens came up with suggestions to improve the sanitation in the city. Citizens claimed that the major portion of the waste on the roads comes from the street food vendors. People continue to break the law and throw garbage around the streets. Food vendors dump the wastes near their stalls. Even people coming to eat do the same. Besides, the careless attitude of the citizens in waste segregation also contributes to the untidiness of the city.

NSCC put forth the proposal of taking stringent action on citizens who fail to adhere to the rules.  They also added that, segregation of dry and wet waste is another aspect which is ignored by the citizens.

PMC authorities said that the proposal is valid and they will take a final decision on what action should be taken against the people who fail to adhere to the norms. They have received the proposal from the citizens and agreed to take action or impose fine on people who fail to practice proper waste disposal techniques. However, they have not finalised the kind of action.

Source: dnaindia, Jan’14

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