The city will be waste-free soon

Fire broke out at Phursungi garbage depot resulting in accumulation of waste in the city. To protest against the Pune Municipal Corporation’s inability to control the fire raging at the landfill site, Villagers from Phursungi and Uruli blocked trucks carrying waste from entering the garbage depot. As the fire is now under control and the villagers have withdrawn their agitation, PMC will be clearing the city’s accumulated garbage.
The city generates around 1,400 metric tonnes of waste every day. In the first few days of villagers’ agitation, the city’s waste had been stocked at the garbage ramp in Hadapsar. Around 2,500 metric tonnes of waste is currently accumulated.
It was decided that only segregated dry waste would be brought to the garbage depot for processing from August 1. Villagers have been asked to take videos of the type of waste being brought to the depot from August 1.

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