Public toilets to get private help

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is in need of private companies’ aid for reconst ruction and maintenance of the city’s public toilets by utilising their corporate social responsibility (CSR) for it. The civic administration is facing tremendous pressure to provide the necessary services to people with the introduction of toilets, which has made them turn to the corporate sector for assistance.

The administration has also suggested taking a service charge from the public to keep these toilets clean. At present, PMC is able to clean toilets only for eight hours a day. There are 850 public toilets in the city, including urinals, but they are not being used properly because of their unhygienic nature. Since people are not using the toilets, there is a lack of social responsibility to maintain them. Therefore, the civic body is seeking the help of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), public and private companies to work collectively and develop good quality toilets in the city.

Speaking to Mirror, Suresh Jagtap, joint municipal commissioner and head of PMC’s solid waste manage ment department, said, “We have made a service-level agreement about public toilets in the city so that the corporate sector will approach us based on this and provide service to the people. We have suggested about char ging a service tax to provide better service. At present, a developer named Sanjeevni is maintaining a public toilet at Karve Road (Nal stop) area for the past one year with the help of CSR. After the approval of the proposal, we will invite private companies to make their offers. We are also deciding to give advertisement rights to the companies in order to get money for maintenance of toilets.“ PMC has calculated Rs 35,000 per month to maintain public toilets for 16 hours a day. PMC has made a design of the toilets by consulting with different stakeholders. They have mentioned about raising the standards of public toilets such as installing solar panels for electricity, CCTVs , sofas, a newspaper stand, special areas for the sanitary staff, recycled water system and a toll free number for emergencies, among other things.
Source : Mirror

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