Plastic below 40 microns not to be used now

Minister of State for Environment and Forest said that Plastic bags below 40 microns in thickness will no more be in use and a strict vigil will be kept to prevent its manufacture and distribution.

He was present at the inauguration of the three-day environment expo held at Sakhar Sankul. Despite the ban, plastic bags are still in circulation. But we will initiate stricter action in a month. After that, stricter actions will be initiated against those manufacturers and shop owners found flouting the rule. Cloth bags should be used instead and if need be, the government will start distributing it to the public.

Addressing the cleanliness issue and waste management, he said the civic bodies and state governments should work in collectively in order to tackle the environment issues.

He further said that, the government bodies should initiate steps to increase the public participation to find solutions to pollution and waste management among others. The expo has been jointly organised by the PMC, MPCB and Maharashtra Water Resources Department.

Source: Sakaaltimes, Jan’15

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