How can I support Earth Hour 2013?

At 8.30pm on Saturday 23rd March 2013, hundreds of millions of people across the globe will switch off the lights of homes and businesses for one hour – Earth Hour, the world’s largest public action for the environment. You can make a great contribution to this global pursuit of ongoing environmental change.  We can support Earth Hour 2013 by switching off the lights of our premises and encouraging members and local community to also participate. Show your community you’re contributing to global environmental change! The following information outlines the various ways a community group or an individual can make an ongoing Earth Hour commitment, be it big or small.

1) Take the Pledge – By taking a pledge, you demonstrate your commitment to take your conservative behaviour’s beyond the hour. Signing your name is just one, simple action that represents the start of your personal journey to fight more sustainable earth.
2) Switch off – When the clock strikes Earth Hour at 8:30pm on Saturday 23rd March, switch off all your lights for 60 minutes.
3) Use Less Energy – Being energy efficient doesn’t mean you have to live in the dark (unless it’s Earth Hour!)  Turn things off, or plug them into smart power strips that will eliminate vampire energy usage. Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFL’s and if you can, LEDs. If possible, install an energy monitoring device that will monitor your usage whether you’re home or not.
4) Spread the word – Ask your friends, work colleagues and family members if they are participating in Earth Hour.

5) Get together on the night with friends – Invite your friends around for a candle-lit gathering, or organise an eco-friendly party with acoustic music, organic food, natural lighting.

6) Hold a neighbourhood event – Share Earth Hour with your community by holding a candle-lit picnic, lantern parade, locally-sourced dinner, or simply go star gazing.

7) Take it beyond the hour – Take your environmental action beyond Earth Hour. Find ways to reduce your carbon footprint and make our world a better place.
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