GREEN COURT RULES – NGT pulls up civic body over garbage disposal

This was after the Maharashtra Pollution Control Bo ard (MPCB) filed an affidavit, along with a report on the inspection of landfill sites, citing non-compliance of the municipal solid waste (MSW) rules, resulting in unscientific management of garbage at the two sites. The MPCB had carri ed out the inspec tion to find out the actual position vis-à-vis compliance of MSW rules and improvement in measures taken by the PMC. The bench was hearing an application filed by Bhagwan Bhadale and other residents of Uruli Devachi and Phursungi against disposal of garbage at the landfill sites and the impact of the same on the health of villagers. At the last hea ring, the tribunal had asked the PMC to furnish an action plan detailing how it intended to comply with the MSW rules.

During the post-lunch session on Tuesday , PMC’s deputy commissioner (municipal solid waste) Kishori Gadre submitted an affidavit detailing the corporation’s efforts to secure scientific processing and management of garbage.

However, the bench appeared unwilling to rely on the PMC’s averments, while citing the latter’s track record vis-a vis garbage disposal and management. It asked the civic administration why it was so far unable to secure scientific management of garbage at the landfill sites and what alternatives were available for the two sites and what efforts were being made to take possession of such alternative sites.

The PMC lawyer submitted that the government has given consent for three sites of 25 hectare each at Tulapur Vadhu, Pimpri Sandas and Shindewadi for setting up new gar bage depots and the PMC has already deposited the money with the district collector’s office for acquiring the plots.The bench wondered why these lands were not acquired so far.

The NGT bench has summoned Pune district collector or his lawyer for the hearing on Wednesday , to clarify on the position relating to the three sites, whether money has been paid and what is the progress regarding acquisition of these sites.
Source : TOI

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