Enjoy the magical displays of trees and learn to grow them!!

One more Earth Day has gone. Few more events of tree plantation, some award functions for working for environment and few speeches by influential people about our degrading environment. That’s it! So we have done our bit for nature and till next Earth day, we need not worry about our environment. This is what the entire Earth Day mean to us. But actually, there is much more beyond that..!

Let us try something different this time. Nature presents a kaleidoscope of colours around our lives. As it is summer now, there is a wild burst of colourful flowers and new leaves of various shades of green on trees. It’s the best time to experience the magical displays of trees.  Go and trail round your neighbourhood garden or hill and explore. You will come across eye catching trees such as Palash, Indian coral tree, Amaltas etc. Don’t you want such gorgeous trees to last a long? Then identify such trees and collect seeds in your area. All you have to do is make sure they are the seeds of trees that found naturally or native to the place in which you live. Your one single action gains significance as it grows.

Planting a tree seed is the smallest thing but possibly the grandest gesture you can do today..! Monsoon is all set to arrive. The rain brings new life; especially for trees. This season, seeds are eager to sprout, dreaming to become a tree and trees tend to grow at higher speed.

Just remember and make sure that you plant it where it won’t be causing problem for anyone in future. After all, in a few years we don’t want someone cutting down what you have so carefully sown all those years ago. Planting near your home, on a private land or alongside of the roads might be fair enough.

Doing small things can achieve big things. The very seed you planted in the soil is proof of that. Each one of us has a place and a role to play in the incredible web of life and each one of us can make a difference.

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