Earth day – a day to acknowledge the importance of mother earth!

There are many days which are celebrated throughout the year, but that one day, which celebrates what, holds everything together on the earth is World Earth Day. Popularly known as Earth Day, it is celebrated in more than 190 countries and falls on April 22. Earth Day is observed mainly in appreciation of earth’s environment and to spread the message of environmental conservation.

Like every year, today the world will be celebrating the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day. The idea came to founder Gaylord Nelson, then U.S. senator from Wisconsin, after he witnessed the aftermath of the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, Calif. It was the largest oil spill in U.S. waters at the time, and spurred the senator into action. Today, Earth Day is observed in more than 192 countries.

The main objective is to raise the concerns for the planet and find a sustainable solution for a good environment. The event also aims to grab attention of the governments and people to help the animals, birds, insects and people that are affected by climate change.

Like most of the countries, India also observes Earth Day. Popularity of Earth Day is gaining momentum as more and more people and communities are participating in the campaigns.
Earth Day is all about educating the mass to protect the environment, resources and animals. The event is also encouraging people to opt for green projects and boost recycling efforts.

Earth Day 2013 is the best time to let people know about the nature conservation and create more impact of the event.

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