PMC is taking a major risk on the fly(over)

Instead of carrying out repairs urgently on a damaged expansion joint atop the usually crowded flyover on Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) Road, authorities are — predictably — forcing commuters to risk their lives by driving over the ruptured parts.

The rubber padding between two concrete slabs on the bridge (installed because the concrete expands due to heat) has been damaged due to the continuous movement of vehicles over it.

“Thousands of vehicles use that flyover,” said Amit Kulkarni, a frequent commuter on that stretch, adding, “While four-wheeler users are not at much risk due to this damage, two-wheeler riders need to be careful, as the road has become uneven and a major mishap could be caused by one losing balance. The civic body should take immediate steps to repair the flyover.”

The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) had constructed all three flyovers on the road in question and handed them over to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). Similar rubber padding damage had been observed two years ago as well — at the time, however, it had fallen within the defective liability period and was repaired immediately by MSRDC itself. Now that the liability period is over, the responsibility is over to PMC. Namdev Barapatre, the civic body’s executive engineer, said, “We have received many complaints about this flyover damage. Actually, rubber padding and other required repair material is not available in the local market right now. We will have to purchase it from Haryana, so it will take some time. Till then, temporary repairs will be conducted.”

Source: Punemirror, 22′ March



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