Multipurpose chullah

City-based entrepreneur Shankar Pacharane has come up with a unique smokeless multipurpose chullah which woks on works on solar energy.
In this chullah one can also charge a mobile phone or get light in addition to cooking. This multi-purpose chullah has been connected with a solar panel which charges the battery fitted inside the chullah. There are attached a fan so that whenever one switches on the button, air starts flowing and this helps to ignite the chullah.
Waste items like dried leaves, cow-dung and wood can be used as fuel. Pipe is attached to the chullah from where, the smoke flows out. Intention to popularize this item in the rural areas where such fuel is available in plenty is, this chullah does not require any electric support and works only on non-conventional sources like the sun.
Solar energy charges the battery which can work for over six hours. This chullah is useful in the present times when the cost of the liquid petroleum gas is rising. By using this chullah, you can save money on fuel products and instead use vegetable waste, thus ensuring effective waste management.

full_chullah.jpg (276×182)

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