Workload affecting Pune cops’ health

The tests, carried out at KEM Hospital, underlined the fact that workload is taking a toll of the health of police personnel. A recent medical check-up of 2,500 police personnel in Pune revealed that only 833 could qualify as being fit. The entire manpower of Pune police, around 8,000 men and women, was expected to appear for the tests. During the check-up, the doctors checked blood pressure, blood and urine sugar levels, body mass index (BMI), eyesight, hearing capability and functioning of other organs such as heart, liver and kidney.
A similar check-up in 2011 showed that 1,896 of the 6,000 police personnel examined were physically fit. Dr Alan Thomas, senior assistant manager (liasoning) of Jehangir Hospital said, “It has been noticed that most of the cops suffer from acidity. Diabetes and cardiac problems are prevalent. The problems arise mainly because of long duty hours and unreliable lifestyle.”
The state government has been giving Rs250 per month as fitness allowance to the city cops, along with their salaries, to encourage physical fitness. This allowance has been the same since 2006 in the state.
Deputy Commissioner of police (headquarters) Shirish Sardeshpande told DNA that they have been conducting health camps in every zone. A senior police officer said, “Before joining the police department, candidates have to undergo a physical fitness test that records their age, weight, chest and height measurements. However, once recruited, most policemen neglect health.” The police officers admit that lack of physical fitness is affecting even their work. Recently, as many as 10 incidents were reported where the police failed to thwart attacks by robbers.



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