What to do about crows?

The number of crows continues to increase in many parts of the city and problems they cause have also kept on going over last few years.The increase is closely related to garbage. Many a times we came across dumping of garbage on open space and crows hovering around them.
Garbage dumped on the roadside, sometimes overflowing from drains or floating on the surface of rivers are common sites where we often found crows in flock.
Sinhgad fort, valley and other hilly areas are important for birds. But due to increasing garbage, there is also increase in number of crows .They used to harass other birds like grey hornbill, owls etc. These birds can overwhelm trees, creating a lot of noise and harassing people and animals in the vicinity which can be a nuisance to the suburban resident. Furthermore, like any pest bird, dropping buildup can lead to structural damage from the uric acid while also posing a health risk due to the harbourage of disease.
But what’s more worrying is that crows are a threat to other species. If crows can attack humans, one can imagine the damage they do to other, smaller, species. So far our open garbage dumps provide enough food for the house crow. The only way to control crows is proper disposal of garbage.



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