Tamhini-Sudhagad ‘WLS’….!!!

The famous Tamhini ghat in Pune district (49 hectares) have been selected as the sites for the new reserved forests. Two additional areas -Ujani dam in Pune district and Sewri are also proposed to be conserved as wetland areas.
Announcing this here on Thursday, chief minister Prithviraj Chavan said the state government will make a recommendation for this sanctuary to the Centre. In order to stop poaching of wild animals, the state government would be strengthening the wildlife protection force. No construction will be allowed in these areas. Apart from conservation of wildlife areas, the government also wants to promote wildlife tourism. While more facilities for tourism will be provided, these would be allowed only outside the buffer zones. Presently, there are no internationally recognized wetland areas in the state.
Tamhini ghat is a place that offers breathtaking views and a peace, calm environment with lush green dense forests and grassy valleys.
Tamhini is a rich dense forest area spread which comes under Western ghats. The forest is moistdeciduous. It is teeming with biodiversity and is home to various endengered birds, Snakes, moths and butterflies. It is Heven for breeding colonies of Velture, Lepord, Barking dear etc.

full_tamhini 2.jpg


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