Rise in air pollution in the city

The dip in the mercury, over the last few days, has resulted in an increase in the air pollution level in the city. The level of respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM), over the last 15 days has soon a steady rise, indicating deterioration in the air quality in the city.
RSPM, is the particulate matter which is present in the air. While the permissible limits for RSPM is 100 microgram per cubic meter, the measurement has shown that over the last 15 days, it has been over 200 microgram per cubic meters. Such sharp increase in the RSPM levels makes the air quality poor and turns the air harmful for children and people.Increase in RSPM levels is due to the combination of various weather conditions. The dip in the temperature does not allow the particulate matter to escape and hence, the air pollution levels rise. Increasing vehicles is another cause that resulted in rise in air pollution. And all this has resulted in a rise in cases of respiratory illness including asthma


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