Rare Bird Sighting

In a rare sighting, Amur Falcon and Peregrine Falcon have been spotted in Tata Power’s Lonavla Lake in Pune district – for the first time in last month. These birds were spotted by a team of Tata Power employees, along with a group of well-known Ornithologists and a few amateur ornithologists. The team spotted the birds during a survey that was conducted on birds in important Tata Power bird areas of Lonavla and Walwhan.
Amur Falcon(Falco amurensis) is small raptor with one of the longest migratory route of 22,000 km in a year and the Peregrine Falcon – is one of the fastest birds flying at 250 km per hour. It breeds in south-eastern Siberia and Northern China wintering in Southern Africa. This handsome little raptor has one of the longest migration routes of all birds, of up to 22,000 km in a year. The birds are unusual as they migrate a large distance over the sea and also continue their journey at night. It is estimated that during the peak migration 12,000 – 14,000 birds are being hunted for consumption and commercial sale every day.
The Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus), also known as the Peregrine, is a widespread bird of prey in the family Falconidae. The Peregrine is renowned for its speed, reaching over 250 km/hour during its characteristic hunting stoop (high speed dive), making it the fastest member of the animal kingdom. The Peregrine Falcon became an endangered species in many areas because of pesticides. Since the ban on DDT from the early 1970s, populations have recovered, supported by large-scale protection of nesting places and releases to the wild.
Tata Power has created ecological hotspots around its three hydro stations in Raigad. These hotspots for more than four decades have played a significant role in driving environmental awareness and interest among the nature lovers, especially from urban areas. The sighting shows that the areas are safe, well protected and well conserved.



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