Pune Sub Area flashes safety card

The Pune Sub Area (PSA) authorities are firm about introducing the compulsory helmet rule for two-wheeler and pillion riders in the Pune Cantonment area from September 1. The PSA has justified its decision to introduce the helmet rule on the grounds that road accidents in the Pune Cantonment area have gone up significantly in the recent years and many victims of these accidents are two-wheeler riders. The prime argument in favors of wearing of helmets is that it can save lives.
“We are doing it for the safety of the people and this need to be recognized and supported by them. It is not about why the army should get into enforcing the helmet rule but, as a station commander, it is our responsibility to look after the safety of each and every person transiting through the cantonment area. After all, it is also for the safety of the people opposed to the helmet rule and their children,” said Brig M S Jaswal, deputy general officer commanding of the PSA.
Those opposing the rule say that the cantonment area is too small compared to the larger area under the Pune Municipal Corporation. People transiting through the cantonment areas to the eastern suburbs, will be inconvenienced due to the helmet compulsion.
Jaswal said, “We expect some problems in the initial phase when the rule will be enforced, but that should not take away the goodness of the move. The PSA had announced the plan well in advance as part of sensitising people and creating greater awareness about wearing helmets. We have started with distribution of pamphlets in the cantonment areas and will step up our awareness drive in the days ahead.”

helmet 4


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