Police plan to replicate bus bay success at other stops

Looking at the success of a bus bay near Ranade Institute on the Fergusson College Road, the Pune police are planning to replicate it at some of the other bus stops too in the city. The traffic police, PMC and PMPML has started the trials from July 12, 2012 after suggestions from different NGOs like the Pedestrian First and PMP Pravasi Manch. In a bus bay, the buses get a clear access right up to the bus stop, as parking of any vehicles is barred with an iron barrier along the bay. Under the arrangement, the commuters can safely board and alight from the buses at the bus stops. They need not wait on the road to board a bus. it is more convenient and also safe for the senior citizens. This also helps in smooth flow of the traffic as the buses leave a clear carriageway for other vehicles. Deputy Commissioner of Police (traffic) Vishwas Pandhare said the trials of the bus bay near Ranade Institute are going on pretty well, which could be replicated at a few more bus stops in the city.



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