Does PMC care for these people?

The problem of garbage disposal and segregation is getting out of hand in the city. There are many waste pickers who regularly collects garbage of the city to make city clean. They collect both dry and wet waste from all over the city. But it now appears as though PMC has forgotten their existence.
Waste pickers have to manually segregate waste after collecting it and they handle it with their bare hands. They are more prone to dangerous diseases as they used to work whole day in garbage with bare hands. They do not receive protective gear such as gloves, bots. We can’t even pass nearby garbage bin, then just imagine how they could collect and handle the garbage with bare hands. Few talks with some waste pickers have revealed that PMC do not supply them protective gears. Waste pickers play important role in cleaning the city. PMC should take care of their health by providing them necessary gears such as gloves and boots.



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