Adverse Effect of Artificial Calls on Birds

Birds use sound vocalization for communication. Bird Vocalization serve the function that have direct connection to fitness, for example, say in giving warning alert to predators, defending critical resources, and attracting mates. The tight link with fitness makes such sounds suitable for studying the impact of natural selection on vocal variation and the consequences for evolutionary change in acoustic signals. Vocalization is a prime communication means for majority types of birds.
Now days there are various instruments to create artificial bird sounds, causing hear damage and changes in feeding, mating and communication ability in birds. These calls can also attract predators which creates a negative effect on birds. Some birders are not genuine bird-lovers. They can’t even recognize the birds by their types. They just come to enjoy nature and to pursue photography. Impatient Birders can’t sit for hours waiting for birds to come out and use unnatural means like play pre-recorded birdcalls to attract birds. The artificial calls are acceptable to the extent when used by professionals. But regular and un-professional use of artificial bird vocalization creates hindrance among birds and they stop responding to calls after some period of time. Hence they gradually stop responding to real calls as well which take a particular bird away from mating and its other natural activities.
Anthropogenic noise has often been cited as the reason some species of birds are being stressed and pushed out of their preferred habitats, impacting their health and increasing mortality. Hence these applications have to be used responsibly, only as a good educational tool. Technologies are invented to make lives easier of living beings so their use should be done for betterment of the nature not against the nature.



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