Pune might lose its lush green hills

Once known for its greenery and lush green hills reserved for bio-diversity parks, Pune might lose most precious lungs of the city. Work has already started at a few spots reducing the hills to half the original size. Vinita Deshmukh, Activist, Pune Green Movement Campaign said that the state government’s proposal is unfortunate for the ecology environment of Pune as well as for the future generation. When you say 4 percent you are required to give a road structure to the hill. You are required to give a sewage system. So in effect you are actually cutting down more than 35 to 40 percent of the hill. Originally, as per Pane’s development plan, hills spanning 1600 hectares were reserved for bio-diversity parks. The Pune municipal corporation was meant to acquire the private hills to develop bio-diversity parks, but the city’s cooperators claim it is too expensive to acquire the land. They argue construction should be allowed to prevent slum encroachment. Pune might lose its bio-diversity parks and with it the most precious lungs of the city, the hills.

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