Pothole cure with new technology

The civic body has started a pilot project of constructing roads using TerraZyme (TZ) technology to find a solution to the problem of potholed roads during the monsoon.
The Pune Municipal Corporation is constructing a road in Aranyeshwar area using this technology. A private agency working on this project has invented road construction using a bio-enzymatic soil stabilizer TZ and has successfully built roads across India in varying soil, traffic and climatic conditions.
In this process, soil is scarified to the depth and width defined for stabilization in project specifications and TZ solution is sprayed uniformly over the pulverized soil.
Like each year, several roads were damaged during monsoon. In last few years citizens and civic activists have hauled the civic administration over coals for roads that developed countless potholes during monsoon. Elected members too have repeatedly voiced their anger over bad road conditions in the general body and standing committee meetings.
The city roads are in a bad shape despite the civic body’s claim of spending more than 10% of its annual Rs 4,000-crore budget on road works.



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