PMC to process Manjari garbage

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), which is finding it tough to process the garbage generated in the city, is likely to have an added burden coming from the fringe areas. The corporators have made a proposal, asking the administration to process garbage from Manjari village, which is located outside the city limits. The gram panchayat of Manjari will be responsible for collecting the garbage under the supervision of PMC officials and dumping it at the Hanjer processing plant. The PMC will charge the gram panchayat Rs 10,000 per month for processing the garbage, the proposal states.
The civic solid waste management officials, however, said that the PMC’s garbage processing plants will have to take an additional load of 300 tonne garbage every month, if the proposal is approved. If this trend is set, more villages will demand that the PMC should process their garbage. As per the PMC records, the city generates 1,300 to 1,400 tonne garbage every day but only 70% of it is processed. The civic body’s Environment Status Report (ESR) for 2011-12 states that the city’s garbage generation is going up by 5% every year. The ESR has urged the civic body to set up more processing plants.


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