Pune being a developing city has constant influx of People, making it highly populated city with growing population, there is a constant Requirement to conserve the environment and allow the flora and fauna to be preserved. Birds’ being the most beautiful aspect of the environment needs to be conserved and allowed to live in their surrounding. The best possible solution to this is through artificial nesting.
Artificial nesting has come to be an essential, especially in the current scenario, where modern urbanization and development is at its peak… leave it for the birds to decide if they want to use it, the bird which use hollows in tree will only respond, use water feeder in summer….birds get their own nesting material and feed we don’t spoil any natural instinct of the birds, they box is clean by the birds themselves who take over next as same observed using hollows in.
I have made more than 200 artificial nests using recycled material at my house. Birds such as Grey Hornbill, Jungle Myna, Common Myna, Spotted Owlet, Grey Tit, Rose ring parakeet, Magpie Robins, Brahminy starling and also squirrels are using these artificial nests.
For more details please contact Vishwajeet Naik- 9970010000.



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