Initiative to save water by PMC

Witnessing the water scarcity in parts of the state and hearing dismal stories about its shortage through the world, PMC had earlier planned to cut the water supply to public water taps, as they were being misused and several litres of water were being wasted. Civic authorities are in process to put in place new installations instead.
There are 2,500 public taps in the city, which citizens use to wash clothes, utensils and fill drinking water. Most taps at these places do not have caps, causing water to flow continuously. People are commonly seen using this continuous flow of water to wash clothes, etc.
Last week, PMC started work to install the push-button system at all public taps and till date, they have replaced78suchtaps.PMCclaimsthatif they carry out the drive effectively, theycansave4.8crorelitresofwaterin a day, as one tap releases 600 litres of water per hour. As per PMC records, there are at least four taps in one public area.
It’s now our duty to co-operate with civic body.



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