Green Patches of Pune to Support life

Open spaces in urban areas like Pune are necessary for several species of small animals to survive. They act like small transit points for moving from one location to another, encouraging cross-breeding and expansion of the gene pool. The city has a number of major green patches, like the Pune University campus, Vetal and Chatuhshrungi hills, Pashan Lake and the campus of the College of Military Engineering. An array of species, small birds, birds of prey, mammals, insects and butterflies thrive in these transit corridors. These major green patches are lungs of the city and preservation of these patches are important. Environmental scientist Dharmaraj Patil said that these open spaces between buildings, small gardens and reserved areas within the city limits, act as corridors and a prey base for the entire urban ecosystem. For example, a green plot behind your house can have birds like Tailorbird, Ashy Prinia, Sunbird, Quails, White-eye and many varieties of flower peckers. These diversity-rich patches provide space for mating of two genetically non-related groups and help in enlargement of the gene pool.
A few months ago three unoccupied plots in Varadiyini Society on Sus Road, which had thick growth of shrubs bushes and grasses, were getting cleaned using earthmovers, two labourers stumbled upon 13 cup-shaped bird-nests. Experts feel local governing bodies should, along with mapping of major green patches, make detailed maps of these spaces. The local governmental bodies like the PMC in Pune should identify some plots in the city that will never be developed in course of time. Chief garden superintendent, Naresh Zurmure said that they have started taking steps for preservation of local species in gardens. We are focusing more on local species favorable for conservation of biodiversity.

full_green patches.jpg


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