Eco-Clean – Innovative Waterless Car Washing Concept

Water is getting scarcer day by day! Each car wash consumes around 200 litres of water and energy for pressure wash. Each car wash uses lots of soaps & shampoo. This litters the ground with soap water and dirt and also contaminates other water bodies around.

Higher pH value of the soap water damages the surface paint. Water impurities leave water marks / residues on the car surface and develop into stains that are hard to remove. Wiping the car with cloth, lead to hairline scratches on the painted surface. This is the starting point for rusting.

Enrich-Auto, is working towards enhancing water efficiency which reduces water wastage. Eco-Clean is a brand owned by Mr Salil Gokarn of Enrich-Auto who has developed an innovative, revolutionary concept for washing cars without using a single drop of water, thereby conserving the most important natural resource –Water!.

Eco-Clean Green Care emulsifies and encapsulates the dirt particles and is lifted off the surface with a terry towel. It does not scratch the paint. It also gives a glossy finish with UV protective coating for long-lasting protection to the car surface. It is 100% non-toxic, non-hazardous organic compound that contains the finest Carnauba wax. An average sized car takes only 50ml of Eco-Clean. It is completely waterless
This eco friendly procedure significantly reduces the water usage and surely is the need of the hour.



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