15 species of fish vanish from Pune’s rivers

Condition of the water bodies in the city is very precarious. The sharp decrease in the dissolved oxygen (DO) levels and the decrease in the water levels in the river in the last few years have resulted in the disappearance of 15 native species of fish from the rivers of Pune.
City-based environmentalist Parineeta Dandekar said a report prepared by a city-based NGO, prepared a few years ago, had pointed out the disappearance of 15 species of fish from the rivers of Pune. Mahseer was once the native of Pune’s rivers. But now, it has vanished from the waters completely. The aquatic eco-system, other than supporting many aquatic creatures, also helps in cleansing the river. The destruction of the eco-system results in the loss of the river’s capacity to cleanse itself properly.
Other than the sharp increase in the levels of water pollution in the rivers, the water levels in Pune’s rivers has been going down rapidly. A major reason for this is the presence of the four dams, which prevent the completion of the life cycle of the fish.

full_pune river


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