waste management by Students

A group of private school students here, are practicing and promoting the management of waste to create awareness about the environment. school came up with a unique idea of creating a terrace garden where plants are grown with the help of organic waste. it is an effort by each student to do their bit for decreasing pollution in the city. Students use their household garbage and sow seeds to grow flowers, fruits, vegetables and medicines. Also, wet garbage and dry waste like plastic, buckets and boxes are used in terrace farming. The technique to grow plants from organic waste is simple. After one has selected the plant, put some soil into the container. In a few minutes, put in some solid kitchen waste, along with dry leaves and dry flowers. The mixture needs to be watered for a day, after which the seeds can be sown. It takes about six months for fruits to grow.
Nowadays, farmers are also getting involved in composting wet waste, due to the spiralling price of organic manure.

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