Road saftey traning for PMPML drivers

Drivers of PMPML buses with an unsatisfactory driving record will have to undergo a three-day training programme on safe driving. This is part of a series of measures that the city bus transport undertaking has planned to curb accidents.

Officials of PMPML said while there are various reasons for accidents involving city buses, PMPML is continuing with its efforts to curb them. They were taking a series of measures at all levels. The transport division and the accidents division were jointly working on these measures. As many as 112 people have died and 95 seriously injured in accidents since 2010 and 189 people suffered minor injuries during the accidents. The accidents also involve buses which were hired by the transport company.

As part of the safety measures, the transport undertaking has decided to track the record of each driver. Depending on the seriousness of the accident and other factors, such as the compensation that PMPML paid to the people, the responsible drivers will have to compulsorily undergo the three day training on safe driving. If a driver is prima facie responsible for causing death or serious injury to a person, he faces immediate suspension after an inquiry is conducted against him.

Drivers, against whom action has been taken by the traffic police or bus checkers, also have to undergo the training on safe driving habits. Drivers who have had a record of minor accidents in last six months will have to attend a two-day training. Officials said that PMPML has started the process of imparting training to drivers of hired buses. Depot managers have also instructed all the drivers to take safety precautions.

All the ten bus depot managers have been directed to inform the encroachment department of the two municipal corporations for taking action against encroachments and hurdles near bus terminals and bus stops. PMPML officials said de-addiction activist is holding sessions for drivers and its employees. PMPML has also organized a health and heart check-up camp for employees on September 8. The camp will be conducted by Dr Jagdish Hiremath.


Accidents involving PMPML buses
Year Deaths Serious Injuries Minor Injuries Minor accidents
2010-11 46 39 56 14
2011-12 30 24 56 22
2012-13 27 27 61 16
2013-14 9 5 16 6




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