Re-immersion of Ganesh idols in river by PMC

For all its harping on an eco-friendly,non-river polluting Ganeshotsav,and Mayor Vaishali Bankars urge for green idols and better handling of the immersion process, PMC is using the cover of night to remove idols from immersion tanks and re-immerse  them into the Mula.
This came to light around 3 am on Monday when some workers of a local mandal and NCP functionary Sameer Nikam saw several PMC trucks collecting idols from the immersion tanks,taking them to Sangamwadi bridge and dumping them over the railing into the river. About four to five people were standing on the PMC trucks and throwing idols into the river without any consideration. They tried to oppose this ‘second’ immersion on the banks of Mula in the wee hours of Monday. A similar incident took place on Sunday night at Vridheswar Ghat.
These idols were family idols which are immersed five days after the Ganesh Festival gets underway.PMC had identified 17 ghats for the immersion of idols,where 56 makeshift tanks have been built.



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