Pune’s Bus Day

Sakal Times and Sakal Media group’s has taken an initiative ‘Pune Bus Day’. The idea is to demonstrate to everybody how the use of optimum number of buses with high frequency can actually reduce the traffic congestion in the city.
City mayor, Vaishali Bankar appealed to the citizens to participate in the project and assured everybody of full cooperation from the civic body. Banker also suggested that the PMPML could look at buying double-decker buses to carry more load.
Under the Pune Bus Day programme, a total of 3,000 private and PMPML buses will run on the city roads. All employees of the PMPML have assured to work 16 hours on that day. The PMPML had done the route rationalization. Usually the buses will run on 363 routes in the city but on November 1, buses will run on 38 more routes. The PMPML has also made arrangements for additional staff. The PMPML has also planned to put boards on each private bus. PMPML will publicise the bus routes to help the citizens. It will also ensure that the buses will not fail on the roads on that day and will be clean.
Pune Municipal Commissioner Mahesh Pathak said He appealed to the citizens and political parties to support the Pune Bus Day on November 1 and participate in it actively.



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