Preparation for Immersion

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and citizens’ organizations had urged citizens to choose for environment-friendly measures to avoid pollution of rivers. People have been urged not to deep their idols into the river.
PMC has declared its plans to ensure trouble-free Ganesh immersion this year. Temporary immersion tanks and containers for Nirmalya have been set up across the city. The PMC will also appoint life guards and install generators and loudspeakers at ghats. Total 130 life guards and fire brigade officers will be at ghats. Ropes have been put along the ghats and in the riverbed to prevent people from falling into the water. A public address system will be used to give safety instructions.
The fire brigade too is prepared for eventualities like fire or drowning incidents. The fire brigade will also provide help people immerse their idols.  The fire brigade has also urged Ganesh mandals to take precautions to prevent fire. Hallogen and powerful lights should be kept away from the pandal cloth, and electricity supply from a single point should be avoided.
Immersion ghats where the PMC has made necessary arrangements include Sangam ghat, Nene/Apte ghat, Vrudheshwar ghat, Omkareshwar ghat, Ashtabhuja temple (Narayan Peth), Pulachi wadi, Bapughat (Narayan Peth), Vitthal mandir (Alka chowk), behind Garware college, Thosarpaga ghat, Dattawadi ghat, Rajarampul ghat, Aundhgaon ghat, Chima Udyan, Yerewada, Bundgarden ghat and Warje-Karvenagar.



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