One day for my CITY..!

On 20th of October 2012 at 9:30 pm, PMPML Swargate bus depot witnessed one of the most memorable days in its history. Around 125 volunteers of The Chrysalis Foundation, fully equipped with aprons, masks, hand-gloves, mops & brooms, scrubbers & buckets, detergents & air-fresheners, boarded the PMPML buses with a heart full of enthusiasm and a clear intention to clean them and leave a WOW effect for the Punekars travelling by the bus.
Volunteers included entrepreneurs, professionals, students, homemakers across all age groups. For all the Punekars the night had begun, but for the Chrysalian josh machines, a few PMPML bus drivers and their admin staff, the “Shram Diwas” had just begun.
The entire event was carried out in the most professional manner. The volunteers were divided into 10 different teams. The buses to be washed were tagged and brought to the washing area. Each team took up the task to clean the entire bus with broom first and then wash the interiors and exteriors with water and detergents. Finally, the bus was dried clean with the help of dry towels. The team went a step ahead and sprayed air-freshener through-out the bus. The bus was then guided by the drivers to its retiring area. After each bus was cleaned, the team would go into a celebration mood, all with smiles and high-fives. The bus drivers and the admin staff too joined in for the celebration.
A break of 10 minutes was called after 50 buses were cleaned and then the work resumed. This time more efficiently than before. This went on for almost 4 hours, till about 150 buses were “done and dusted”. The PMPML staffs were ecstatic with the kind of treatment the buses received that evening. One of the members came ahead and said “We have often seen people throwing stones at the buses. But for the first time we have seen people cleaning the buses”.
This activity has definitely started a phenomenon of “giving something back to this city”. Chairman of the Chrysalis Foundation, Mr. Manish Gupta quoted “If it is our right to take good things from the city, so is our responsibility to give back good things to the city”. ‘One day for my City’ is a way of bringing in good things in the city of Pune, and to say ‘Thank You’. In the near future, this city will see more such activities that will shake Punekars to not just sit on the chair and complain, but to get up, roll our sleeves up and take charge. If today is bright, future is brighter.

one day for my city


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