Make rainwater harvesting compulsory

The elected members of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) are considering a proposal to make the rain water harvesting (RWH) compulsory before permitting bore wells in the city.

A proposal states that groundwater level in the city has gone down, but people are opting for bore wells. So implementation of RWH should be made compulsory. People who are using bore wells are responsible for the lowering the groundwater level so they should also take efforts for recharging of water table. If anybody wants to dig a bore well in his or her establishment, he or she should first install a RWH system. The authorities should not give permission to dig bore well without RWH.

Pune city has 7.2 lakh registered properties out of which owners of only around 5,000 properties have installed the RWH systems.

The experts too stress on the importance of RWH in the city. They experts have said that Pune has hilltop and hill slopes and abundant rainfall. All this rainwater flows away since little is being done to stop it through RWH.

full_Want to conserve water 1.jpg


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