Initiative towards Pollution free Diwali

Diwali is one of most important festivals celebrated in India. Nowadays, it has been degenerated into festival of sound from festival of lights. Most of the people from children to old people and innocent animals despise Diwali for this reason. On the background of this, a workshop on celebrating Diwali without burning firecrackers was held at Karvenagar recently.
Anant Kulkarni, resident of Karvenagar had taken an initiative to boost the creativity of the children and to teach them to save environment. He guided them to celebrate low budget Diwali by preparing crackers at home. These art crafts give out sound that resembles the firecrackers. They are fire safe as no fire is involved and air pollution free too.The craft articles are prepared from old newspapers and involve no investment. At the end, children kept on trying their creations and were amazed to hear the cracker-like sound. They were so happy that they did not cease to make sound again and again as their creations were reusable.
The initiative got a good response from children and parents as well. The children were thrilled to make their own crackers and pledged not to use the ones available in the market. Everybody parted on a positive note to celebrate a pollution free Diwali this year.



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