Dispose nirmalya properly

One of the biggest outputs of Ganesh Chaturthi Festival is tonnes of ‘Nirmalya’ – the offerings collected during the immersion. These offerings are made of several items : flowers, fruits, garlands, coconuts etc natural items. Traditionally these items were meant to be immersed with the Ganesh idols, as an offering back to nature. But immersion of Nirmalya is done on very large scale causing problems that adds to water pollution.

Nirmalya is something that offered before the Lord Ganesh and hence it holds holy respect. People prefer to keep it away from trample and garbage by disposing it into water. Due to such high spirit it becomes more difficult to convey and make understand people that they are adding to water pollution.

Past few years it is observed that people are more aware about this still there is need to reach to every single individual. Metro cities in Maharashtra such as Mumbai, Pune, Thane faces more such problems. But in last few years it is observed that many youth groups, NGOs, Nature Lovers are arranging camps, events, disposal projects to spread awareness and reduce water pollution. Even Municipal Corporations are backing up, supporting all such activities and providing nirmalya kalash for proper disposal.

Last year, collection of Nirmalya by different organisations in different cities for processing it into fertilizer is tabulated as follows

City Nirmalya collected[in ton]
Thane 100
Pune 45
Mumbai 40
Nasik 30

It helped to reduce water pollution to some extent but still thousands of tons of Nirmalya disposed into water. This year also there are many organisations ready and belt up to spread more awareness and arrange all such activities in conjunction with Municipal Corporation. The aim is to reduce water pollution, spread more awareness, give it back to nature as fertilizer , to collect more Nirmalya than previous year. Every individual who is reading this article and thinks he can change this – so join in, lend some helping hands, you can do this by :

1. 2. Meet people and talk to them – with teaching aids such as chart, pictures, newspapers
3. Put nirmalya box or nirmalya kalash in your region and take responsibility to give it to organisations that processes it.
4. Create team that can work ward wise, take help of corporator or regional Municipal officer.
5. Make list of organisations with their contact info and share it with people and ask people to give nirmalya to such organisations.
Simplest thing to just pass your words to every second individual you meet. You can! yes we all can reduce it. recycle it.



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