Tyre-d of uncleanliness at Swargate depot, PMPML staffers threaten protest

While the lack of cleanliness across Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Maha mandal Limited (PMPML) depots was recently highlighted in a shock ing way -after a staffer was found dead in a Swargate depot toilet, undiscovered for three days because the loos are not cleaned regularly -the transport utility still doesn’t seem to be taking the concept of hygiene too seriously.

Piles of waste lying around the central workshop at the same location are under the spotlight now, with workers complaining of health issues.

Hundreds of old tyres, scrap material and garbage are strewn around the workshop, with no steps taken to clear it out. Employees have also cited cases of dengue, thanks to the stagnant water gathering in tyres, in which mosquitoes breed.

While workers and unions have repeatedly complained to PMPML, no action has been taken yet. “The worker’s death inside the toilet could have been averted had there been a proper cleaning system. The central workshop, which houses around 300 workers, has become an unhygienic garbage dump. It is the same across the other depots and workers’ lives are at risk. We have sent letters to PMPML many times, requesting cleanups, but to no avail,“ said Rajendra Kharade, PMPML workers union president.

A PMPML worker said, “Old damaged tyres have been lying there for more than five years. We make repairs every day and new stock keeps coming, so damaged ones get thrown in the back.Rainwater and washing water gather inside them, leading to mosquitoes breeding in it. Our supervisor Suresh Garud was also struck by dengue and is on leave now.“ Said another worker, “The dirty atmosphere is unimaginable. There is a stench all the time, scrap material hurts us as we walk and workers keep having health issues. Garbage is not taken away regularly and no daily cleaning is done. We try to clean the section ourselves before starting work every morning.“

Union vice-president Ashok Jagtap said, “All our workers were shocked by the recent death, which was due to lack of cleanliness. PMPML should now step forward to avoid a repeat of such incidents or the spread of diseases. If all depots and our central workshop are not cleaned within a week, we will stop work and begin a severe agitation against the administration.“

PMPML cleanliness officer Nitin Vambure refuted, “We are working on maintaining cleanliness at all depots, especially after the incident at Swargate depot. A drive is beginning to clean up each depot. At the central workshop, tyres and scrap material lying around are to be taken care of by the store department, which has been given a letter asking it to take action immediately.“
Source : Pune Mirror




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