Staying on MG Rd? Park your vehicles elsewhere

If you reside in the Pune Camp area and park your vehicle on the roadside, then you better start looking for a new parking spot. You will now not be allowed to park your car on the Mahatma Gandhi (MG) road. The Pune city traffic police have send a letter to Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) last month, stating that residents living in the area should use alternative locations such as East Street and Elphinstone Road to park their vehicle.

Being a commercialisation hub, M G Road attracts a large number of shoppers. However, this also creates a dearth of parking space in the area, because of which shoppers take to double parking, which eats into the carriageway, resulting into traffic snarl in the area.

Residents of the area are unhappy with the thought of parking their vehicles on East Street and Elphinstone road and they suggest that shoppers should park their vehicles on these roads instead. Resident of Centre Street said that if this happens, it will cause inconvenience to the residents living in the area. They are paying tax to the PCB and they should provide us with parking facilities and it should not be the other way round.

Resident of MG Road said that why should the residents of the area be penalized? There are more than 3000 residents living there, out of which more than 20 per cent are senior citizens. Resident of MG Center street said that they purchase vehicles for our convenience, no one would like to walk a distance to hop into their own vehicle. Moreover, if something happens to the vehicle then who will take the onus.

In the meanwhile, sticking to their stand, the traffic police has claimed that on the 1.5 kilometer stretch from Try Luck Chowk to Ambedkar Chowk, more than 400 vehicles are parked daily. Senior police inspector, Cantonment traffic department said that there are more than 150 vehicles that are parked for weeks together. Therefore, there is very less or rather no space for the shoppers who come to shop at MG road.

He adds that they have send letters to the PCB asking them to make attendments like vehicles should not be parked at one place for more than six hours and request the citizens not to park their vehicle on MG road. Only this will help to curb the issue of double parking in the area.

Source: dnaindia,Mar’14

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