The commuters’ grouse has substance because the PMPML had promised to run buses every 10 minutes, but it is actually operating buses every 20 minutes.

There was confusion at Vishrantwadi as commuters had to change buses for going to Alandi, Lohegaon, Dhanori and other places in the outskirts of the city. Ashish Dodke, who was at the Vishrantwadi terminus, said that all buses were packed to capacity . “The rush made it difficult to open and close the doors ,“ he said.

The security guards posted at most of the termini were seen urging people to not to board crowded buses.“There is another bus coming shortly ,“ one of the guards at the Deccan College bus station said. However, the next bus came only after 15 minutes, which made the commuters restless. Harried by the crowd and confusion, many preferred to hire autorickshaws.

Those travelling from the PMC Bhavan and the Pune station to places like Alandi, Lohegaon, Dhanori and Bopkhel, had to change bus es at Vishrantwadi. “Changing buses is a waste of time.We may not get a feeder bus in time to reach our destination. Elderly , women with children and people having luggage faced hardships.Earlier, we used to get direct buses to go to Pune station or PMC Bhavan,” said Jalinder Mandlik from Dighi.

Veena Sekhadi, a senior citizen, was agitated. She asked for a complaint book at the newly started Rainbow BRTS enquiry counter. The staff could not provide a complaint book, but heard her out. “There is so much confusion here,“ Sekhadi said.

With the BRTS becoming operational, feeder buses going to Alandi and other places have to take a U-turn at the Vishrantwadi terminus.However, as buses lined up in the morning, there was traf fic jam. The police struggled to manage the situation as they asked the PMPML to replan their schedule.

The PMPML, however, won some accolades. Suresh Malwade, a senior citizen, appreciated the feel and look of the BRTS. “The dedicated bus lanes, passenger information system in buses and bus stations are very good.But, bus frequency should improve,“ he said. Shubham Ghodke, a student, said satisfied with the experience, but said that changing buses is annoying.

Motorists and two-wheeler drivers complained of traffic jams. Prashant Kate said that he had never experienced congestion on the Vishrantwadi Road before.“The BRTS took four years to complete and now that it’s finally open, it is causing trouble for motorists,“ he said.
Source : TOI



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