RASH DRIVING – Traffic police to act tough against water tankers

The police’s decision comes after a 14-year-old boy was mowed down by a speeding water tanker near Wagholi on Wednesday morning. The deceased has been identified as Abhishek Warghade.

The traffic police department expects the Pune Municipal Corporation to enforce better tanker management in the city .

Deputy commissioner of police (traffic) Sarang Awad said the water tankers were involved in as many as 18 fatal accidents in the city last year. “This is an alarming number. A majority of the tankers leak water. They spill water on road, which may cause twowheelers to skid and cause serious injuries to riders.Secondly , the tanker drivers drive rash and rarely follow traffic rules. They cause traffic jams as well,“ said Awad.

The PMC has water filling stations at Parvati water works, Hadapsar and a small one at Erandwane. A majority of the tankers are filled at Parvati water works on Sinhagad Road.

Awad said the water tanker service has been included in essential services.However, there are no rules that govern them.

“The tankers can ply at night and in the afternoon but not at peak hours. Water consumption is high during the morning hours and tankers easily ply early in the morning. But during rush hour, there is a fear of accident because many drivers speed despite heavy traffic on the road,“ he said.

“We will take stern action against tanker owners under the appropriate law if water is found spilling on the road,“ he said.

Awad said that two types of tankers operate in the city: PMC owned and privately owned. “Both types of tankers fill water at PMC’s filling stations. The PMC tankers are governed by rules but the private tankers are not. Some tankers are fitted with long chasis and are hard to maneuver on city roads. Also, speed governors should be fitted on every tanker,“ said the deputy commissioner of police.

Truck runs over boy A water tanker mowed down a 14-year-old boy at Bakori village near Wagholi on Wednesday morning.

The Lonikand police station identified the deceased as Abhishek Warghade of Bakori. Police have arrested tanker driver Ranjit Kumar of Wagholi.
Source : TOI


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