Pune railway station parking zone implementation to be delayed

The plan of the railway authorities to come up with a new parking zone near Pune railway station is likely to be delayed. The place near Portar Chawl, which was identified for the new parking, has still not been developed for the project.

Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) informed Sakal Times that the contractor who was given the job of developing the parking space is not working on the project any more. He said that a new tender for developing the parking space near Portar Chawl will soon be floated.

In July last year, a tender for developing parking space at the Portar Chawl was floated but railway officials clarified that due to some issues, they were not happy with the contractor in charge of developing the parking space.Hence, currently, the administration is planning to float a new tender and resume the process.

The parking area at the Pune railway station is becoming overcrowded. In a bid to ease the huge problem of parking of two and four-wheelers at the Pune station, the Central Railway has decided to come up with a new vehicle parking zone near Portar Chawl near Railway Protection Force (RPF) police station very soon.

Source: sakaaltimes, Nov’14

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