Pathetic Potholes in City

Potholes have become trademark of the roads troubling residents. Roads all over the city were covered with spots of huge potholes. Ask anyone in Pune about the one thing that troubles the most and the answer would definitely be the pothole-filled roads! The Pune Municipal Corporation fails to provide smooth and obstruction-free roads. Potholes have come up after the rains and the roads have become bumpy. Two-wheeler riders have a difficult time on the roads. It becomes difficult to locate potholes which are water-filled. Authorities have as usual not bothered to check the problem.
Materials used in laying carpet are not clean (lot of dust in aggregate); materials are not heated and maintained to required temperature, while laying carpet. PMC, under pressure from Bigwigs, and the Public, will fill up potholes in hurry; with whatever material (like Brick bats, moorum, mixed asphalt etc.) they can lay their hands on. When moorumis filled in pot-holes, it becomes slippery. More fuel is burnt.
For many who accidentally rode over the potholes, it was a bone-rattling experience. Pothole problems with roads in many spots being reduced to lose annoy. It is difficult to use the roads. The study found that riding two-wheelers on bumpy roads can have serious health implications. Riding two-wheelers during the rainy season has emerged as a new risk factor for backache and a slipped disc. A few indicators suggest that bad roads are more likely to have contributed to the slip disc condition. Long-distance travelers are more prone to a slipped disc. These potholes not only provide back-breaking journey to the residents but also damage their vehicles as well.
“The roads, even those that were recently asphalted by the ward offices, have numerous potholes. It is a difficult task to negotiate them in the rain,” said a Warje resident. It is one of the worst-affected areas in the city. The road from Patil Estate to Yerawada known as the new Mula bridge road was riddled with craters. The road in Wakdewadi near Patil estate and near Pashan village has deteriorated.
Authorities should repair the roads as soon as possible as many a time vehicles get damaged due to the bad roads. Filling up of potholes is a never-ending job. They can only minimize them. Poor drainage, heavy traffic and lack of citizens’ co-operation are the reasons behind potholes. After the downpour, water remains stagnant on the road surface and damages it. Clogged storm water drains and road digging prevents draining of water.

full_3cartoon_potholes 1


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