Overbridge cutting through Empire Estate ready by Feb

TOI last week had reported that the contractor working on the project will not be able to complete the construction of flyover till December 31, 2015. As a result, the PCMC will have to extend the deadline for completion of work.

Independent corporator Prasad Shetty said, “I raised the subject of delay in completing the construction of the Empire Estate flyover during the standing committee meeting. I asked if the civic body will be give an extension to the contractor for completing the project. My main concern is completion of the 400 meter long stretch of this flyover as it is causing hardships to around 6,000 residents of Empire Estate which lies in my ward.“ Shetty added , “ The huge space will be available below the 400 meter long flyover stretch. It can be used for providing various civic amenities to the local residents. I have plans to construct a garden, playground for children and day care centre for senior citizens. I also want a portion of this stretch to be also used for parking“.

PCMC Rajeev Jadhav told TOI, “The contractor will be allowed to complete the construction work of flyover stretch of 400 meter in Empire Estate by February end.“

When asked about extension of deadline to contractor to complete the work, Jadhav said, “ The decision has not been taken.We want the existing contractor to complete the work as soon as possible. If a new contractor is to be appointed then it will take time for such appointment and further delay the completion as well as increase the cost. The contractor had completed completed the construction about 70% work. We hope he will complete the remaining work too in few months“.

Speaking to TOI, Santosh Pingale, chairman, Empire Estate federation1 said, “We do not feel that the work on the 400m stretch in Empire Estate will be completed in two months. The flyover project is of Rs 100 crore but hardly there are 10 workers working on it on the 500 m stretch of flyover that passes through Empire Estate. If the work continues at same pace, we feel it will take 10 years for completion. If the work is not completed by March 31, 2016 then we will stop paying property tax amounting to Rs 6 crore to the civic body .“
Source : TOI


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