Odd Speed-breakers in City

Speed breakers are part of roads where the height rises gently & drops also gently (the ideal speed breaker) – forces you to slow down without damaging effects to the vehicle. Un-fortunately some of the speed breakers which are common in different parts of Pune now days are very bad for the vehicle. You can feel the thud even if you cross the speed breaker very slowly. Speed breakers are formed basically by providing a rounded (of 17 m radius) hump of 3.7 metre width and 0.10 metre height for the preferred advisory crossing speed of 25 km/h for General traffic. Speed-breakers in the city come in all sizes and shapes, some so small a vehicle can pass without slowing down, virtually making them non-existent and some shaped so oddly that a driver would have to draw up a strategy to cross them. Speed breakers built by the civic body do not comply with the IRC (Indian Road Congress) standards.



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