LED bulb distribution starts Friday at Rasta Peth counters

In the first phase, 20 distribution counters will be set up at the company’s Rasta Peth office, its sub-division and branch offices, and at its official billing centres.Each consumer will get 10 LED bulbs of 7 watt for Rs 100 each. Four bulbs can be bought on installment basis after paying Rs 10 as down payment and the remaining amount in 10 installments.

Consumers who have not defaulted on bill payment will get the bulbs after furnishing a copy of the current electricity bill, ID card and proof of residence. The scheme will be launched in the entire Pune circle in a phased manner.

A statement issued by the company said the scheme is part of the Union government’s domestic efficient lighting programme, invol ving the Union energy ministry , state government, Energy Efficiency Services Ltd and the distribution company . Under the program me , the government procures LED bulbs through competitive bidding and provides those to consumers a much subsidised rates.

Source : TOI



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