Kinks in Sangvi-Kiwale BRTS corridor need some ironing

Nevertheless, PMPML officials clarify that with the use of Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), daily reports of over speeding are available and are promptly sent to the concerned private operators who ply buses on the route.The operators penalise drivers, besides ensuring they undergo further training.

Commuter group PMP Pravasi Manch, along with volunteers, travelled on the BRTS corridor on 13 different days in September, October and November. The group has listed several complaints, which have been forwarded to PMPML as well as to the traffic branch of the city police.

Activists, Jugal Rathi of the PMP Pravasi Manch and Vivek Velankar of the Sajag Nagrik Manch, claimed automatic doors of some buses are not operational, some drivers were spotted speaking on mobile phones while driving, and there were cases of over speeding.Some drivers jumped the traffic signal despite the indicator turning red, which they said was very dangerous, particularly because buses could hit pedestrians or other vehicles.“No new BRTS corridor should be launched until all safety systems and infrastructure is in place,“ Rathi said.

Other complaints regarding the BRTS route include uneven floor levels of buses and bus stations’ platforms, incomplete BRTS corridor in some stretches, non-functional ITMS, and Sangvi bus station remaining non-operational.

PMPML’s chairman and managing director Abhishek Krishna said as the buses are equipped with an ITMS feature, daily reports about over speeding are available. Reports about jumping bus stations are also received. Five private operators ply buses on the BRTS corridor. With daily reports, it is easy to identify the bus operator and the driver.

“The drivers are penalised or reprimanded. They also undergo refresher training,“ Krishna said. Operational complaints received from PMP Pravasi Manch have been forwarded to concerned depart ments and they are expected to resolve the issue, officials said.

While there are complaints about buses not aligning with the platforms of the bus stations, PMPML officials say the issue has been rectified with continuous monitoring. There are proper signages for alignment of buses with platforms.The number of passengers travelling by BRTS is increasing.

Mayura Shindekar, chief executive officer of PMPML, said bus operations on the BRTS corridor was launched in the first week of September, when the number of commuters increased to over 84,000, thanks largely to the free tickets. In October and November, the number has settled to over 67,000 passengers, a rise of nearly 6000 passengers.
Source : TOI



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