Green Dividers

In making our city green, Road dividers are the ones which should be on our priority list for Tree plantation. Just visualize in your mind, how green our city would look if all the dividers were full of lush green trees and shrubs. Devise a plan and policy and target to plant and maintain the trees on road dividers in order to help every nook and corner of our city become REALLY GREEN.

Tree plantations in between road dividers are helpful in direct restriction of headlights from vehicles passing by. Belgum – Kolhapur highway is best example we can look for. The divider on this highway is full of well maintained plants with sufficient height which is helping a lot in night driving. Road dividers in Pimpari Chinchwad also has well maintained plantation.

Although some roads in city are wide enough to have trees but PMC is not thinking about tree plantation in divider giving reason for drivers’ safety. But a proper maintained plant in dividers does not pose any harm to traffic. Tree plantation, dividers in between the roads and on the side of the roads should be widely used to give drivers and passerby shades.

So, Lets get real and think about planting and maintaining trees where it matters the most – The road dividers.


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